Last Christmas I fucked Santa!

June 18th, 2009

Last Christmas I took advantage of the merry feeling and… fucked Santa!Yes, my dear fans, I’ve been so good this year that I’ve got a special prize!

So Santa himself gave me a good fuck for a present! A merry merry fuck! Hahaha!
I leave you some pics of my Christmas party so you start warming yourselves!


From you Salmita XXX



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How tasty is to fuck 25 guys at once!

June 12th, 2009

That SUPER GANG BANG is already out there in cyberspace!

Unless I win the lotto today, I’m going to do another one soon! After all, it’s all similar, in one you get a lot of money, in the other you get a lot of men!!!


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Gang Bang with Lady Mai and 25 stallions

June 6th, 2009

Finally I’ve got with me some XXX pics of my last jobs in Germany. Here are the ones from the GANG BANG that I did with Lady Mai!


Just the two of us were able to stand to 25 hot stallions.

And we squeezed the life out of them! Hahaha!!!




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Horror short film “NESTOR” trailer

May 30th, 2009

Here’s the trailer for the short film I starred in with actor/director Sergio Colmenar in Barcelona last year!



May 24th, 2009

I leave you a little present here: pics of the latest orgy I had with Candy Sue. Cums went all over the place: tits, mouth and inside my pussy, hahaha!

Hope you like these!







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May 18th, 2009

Great news! During this next week I’ll be arranging with some of my fans to resume the JERK OFFS TOUR!!!

If you want to be in it and you’re in Mallorca you can apply for it by sending me an email to:

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready a live webcam & chat session to jerk off together in real time!!! You dare??


These pics are from the last shooting in Tenerife. I found ‘em in some of my friends’ blogs. Wow, I got there too late so I missed the best part!

This is how Leyla ended up after her scene with Max! What a face!
What a tasty session of TOUGH SEX!!!

Dani Lopez, from the 8th BIG BROTHER getting horny with Dunia… My God, how cute is this kid!
Here you can see them fucking!



May 12th, 2009

HOLIDAY LOVERS is going to be the title of PORN DVD we’re shooting up till Jan 28th in Tenerife. Although I haven’t arrived yet it seems that everything is going wonderful in spite of the weather, that is a bit unstable.
It’s raining, too bad. But anyway, the important thing in that everyone’s happy with the team of actors and actresses I’ve sent them!!!

In a few hours my flight will be leaving and they say it’ll be sunny tomorrow. I hope so!
When I get there I’ll try to get a bunch of X pics from the shooting to upload here in the blog, just to see how it is looking so far…
Alright, I’m going to bed right now… it’s very late and tomorrow I gotta get up early!

Kisses XXX!

PS: A lot of you are asking me where we are shooting but I only know that it’s very close to Puerto de la Cruz.
And a thousand thank-yous for offering me help so much in relation to the MAC handling, but the Operative System is in German! Looks like the kings want me to make an effort and get to study a bit more this year.



May 6th, 2009

Hi there! I’m sorry to be so gone. When I travel, it always gets difficult to make it into the web. Sometimes it’s mission: impossible and others I get to the hotel so very tired that I don’t even want to turn the thing on. Anyway, the new MAC is driving me crazy and I can’t get any time to get used to it. It’s more complicated than it seems and even more so coming from WINDOWS. This is another world.

The XXX shooting in Tenerife has already started and quite successfully. I’m aching to be there. Right here it’s really cold and I haven’t stopped working and already dream of laying under the Canaries’ sun.

From here I can’t upload pics but I leave you this musical video of SWISS PORNSTAR JP LOVE for you to laugh a bit!

Yesterday I gathered with him in Zurich to show him a bit of the edit of the X movie we’ve produced together. It’s looking very, very good!
We were amazed with LUCKY’s scene; she’s a precios czech porn actress who’s just retired, much to out disgrace!
It’s a shame ‘cause besides her good looks she’s also a great drama actress.

This movies is so full of surprises!!!

I’ll be writing again Saturday from home, okay?



April 30th, 2009

I’m back from Tenerife after three days of hard work. I leave you the few pics I managed to take during the actual shoot. The agency has promised me to send me a CD with all the pics their photographer took.

They tell me that the edit will be done by the end of February and it will be presented by early March in the Brussels Festival.

To star in the movie we chose Leyla Black and they were very happy with that. Truth is that I was surprised too: this babe is tha bomb!

To all the guys in Tenerife who wanted to see me:
I’m truly sorry! It’s just that each day we’ve been working so hard that I was falling in bed right after it…

We’ve shot most of the movie in Santa Ursula, a luxury retreat, but every day it’s rained and it was always cloudy.
One of those days we went to shoot at the Medano Beach in the south, but because of the wind and the voyeurs, we had to leave.
In the end, nothing’s come out the way we expected, but I think the movie is not gonna be bad. Fortunately, the retreat had lovely interiors and amazing views.



April 24th, 2009

I’m so unwilling to leave home right now. Sun is so sweet here in the islands. But work’s calling!

I’m heading into 2 really hard weeks.

My first  stop will be Switzerland, where I’ll be doing a couple of shows, a gang-bang and where I’ll be shooting some 60 short porn clips for a mobile phone company.

And from there, to Tenerifeeeeeeeeeee! Yeaaaaaaahhh! I so want to go there!

We already decided who’s gonna be in this production. I sent pics of some 19 actors and actresses and they’ve finally made up their minds.
There goes the list:

Lady Mai, Dunia Montenegro, Max Cortes, Susana Abril, Evelyn Pink, Nick Moreno, Sara Mae, Leyla Black, Dani Lopez (from the 8th Big Brother) and me! ;-)

So, between the 23rd and 28th we’ll be shooting in the north of Tenerife in a luxury retreat and it’s surrounding!
Later, I’ll have to fly to my beloved city of BERLIN to work with my dear company: INFLAGRANTI and for THIRTEEN ACES.

We’ll see if I get to do it all.